A DJ story after Alice Russell live in Toronto 2008

TEXT: a DJ story around last weekend’s Alice Russell show in Toronto

MUSIC: Alice Russell – Mean to Me (LP My Favourite Letters, 2005, Label – Tru Thoughts Recordings)

RUNNING TIME: a little short of 9 minutes, including the music.

** ** ** **

Hello again, my dear friend, and here’s another story from your DJ. I went to see Alice Russell Band live at a club a couple of nights ago, and I think I’ll try to book them to play at my funeral.

Because at my funeral, you see, beyond being devastated that I’m gone, I’d also like you to feel happy and drunk.

Happy – because you’re still around enjoying this beautiful world,

and drunk – to forget that your friend, George, is not.


Not an easy task, though, getting everybody happy and drunk at my funeral.

For that, I need a live band that can roll happiness over my coffin from the very first second in the first song.

Following the concert in Toronto, I think Alice Russell and her fantastic bandmates gave me that recipe.

** ** ** **


Alice Russell on MySpace.

SyncLive, where you can get live shows. It’s beta for now. Alice’s Toronto-show is there. No account needed to listen.

Supermarket, where the gig was.

They gave me the ticket to the show – thanks, TD Canada Trust Jazz Festival.

** **

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