I am selling my Subaru and I’m sad.

We moved to Toronto’s suburbs in late 2006. By then, my Subaru Outback was 1 year old and we were totally in love with him.

With life in the ‘burbs, we soon found out that we need another car. We leased a brand new VW Rabbit, cause I saw it’s ad in Rolling Stone and thought it was cool.

Fast forward 5 months, and we had it with the life in suburban Canada: we missed the busy corner at Yonge and Davisville! We sold the house immediately and moved back to our beloved Merton Street.

** **

So we don’t need 2 cars now, and I really can’t get out of the lease 1 year into it. The logical and sad conclusion: we sell the Subaru

Besides the obvious, paid Auto Trader advertising, here is what I used for free to advertise the sale:

  • Flickr: created a set for the car’s pictures. It’s here. It includes the whole word-description of the sale.
  • Facebook – post on Marketplace
  • Facebook – uploaded a link
  • a little story here, on the blog
  • free ads on Kijiji and Craiglist
  • free ad on the intranet at my office

I’ll probably do something (like a Status change) on MySpace, but it’s down now.

Any more suggestions?

(in the picture, a view to Merton Street, as it looks behind the buildings. There is a walking path equally enjoyed by dog-owners, cyclists, young parents and joggers)


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