Immigration and housing. Music with Yeasayer.

TEXT: when it comes to housing in Canada, most of the immigrants I know want to live in a house.
MUSIC: cool Brooklyn band, YEASAYER.
Running time: 11 minutes.

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I am intrigued by the epiphany most immigrants I know go through when it comes to housing in Canada. Including people that I know from my hometown, that lived a lifetime in a condo, in an urban environment. All they want now is a nice house in the suburbs.

It’s a reversed migration.

Our parents colonized the industrial areas in the 50s. Their sons evict the city.

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Yeasayer on MySpace. Fantastic imagination, fabulous soundscape, great rhythms to dance on.

Yeasayer online store.

Yeasayer album cover
Yeasayer album cover

Tod Maffin’s blog. I quote from one of his recent entries.

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Download here:


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  1. Strangely enough, I can find myself in both extremes, and yet, I seem to be very happy with my lifestyle in the middle. Are you sure is “all” of us, or just some?…

  2. Just some, of course -)

    As long as you give a thought or two on your current situation, and you find yourself pleased (or even more, happy), that’s fine.

    But some sad stories got recently to my ears, with people working forever to finish a basement, while cutting down time spent with the kids. Or with spouses; or just giving up their hobbies. These are nice houses inhabited by sad beings, by ghosts of a family.
    If that’s the price of affording a house in Canada, I’ll pass, thank you.

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