Out of ideas for what to rent on DVD?

I do run out of ideas of what I want my next movie to be.

That’s why I maintain a list on the website of my supplier of rented DVDs, the online service zip.ca

I will link most of the movie titles in this blog to imdb.com, for your convenience.

Of course, that’s where I get my art cinema from, and concert movies too. I’ve just had MORE (Pink Floyd), PERSONA (Ingmar Bergman) and Jim Jarmuch’s YEAR OF THE HORSE (if you are into air-guitar stuff, get this. Forget Guitar Hero, get a friend and ride the Crazy Horse together).

Every once in a while I look back at the movies I rented in the last 3-4 months, and the feeling is good: they still do 5-star movies. On any scale you would think of, one can find a recently-produced movie to top it.

Here’s a sample from my list, hopefully you’ll say “Hey, I haven’t seen this one, let’s check Georgies taste”

I know, these are last year’s movies, but I know some of you might have missed them.


  • hot, hot, hot sex scene opening the movie (Maria Tomei stars at the receiving end)
  • great, rich, life-like acting from Philip Seymour Hoffman. As one comment on IMDB puts it, “severely flawed, broken, manic” I love his character, and his chemistry with Ethan Hawke.
  • Sidney Lumet is like in his 80s. He directs the movie like a man who just got a transplant of corrida bull-cojones


  • I thought I closed my catalogue of violence-scenes in the movies when I saw “A History of Violence“. Nothing would be better than Viggo there. Wrong! Watch Viggo Mortensen in Eastern Promises, being audited by Tchechen mafia while he is naked in a bath house.
  • Speaking of “A History of Violence”… did you savor the sex scene on the stairs? Maria Bello delivers.

3:10 to YUMA (4/5)

  • If you thought western movies are not about the hotties….well, that changed. Watch the girls, and then fall for the spell of the thickly-rich story.

432 (4 months, 3 weeks…) – Palme d’Or 2007

  • The director is a Romanian guy my age, so his movie accurately depicts the hell I’ve escaped from. Bye bye Ceausescu, bye-bye Iliescu, bye-bye leftists, adios pro-life activists.

Here’s some more from my recent rental history:

Any suggestions for a Sunday night movie on DVD?

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