Podcamp Boston 2008. First impressions.

TEXT: First impressions from Podcamp Boston 3, 19-20 July 2008.

MUSIC: no music today.


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Hallway at Podcamp Boston 3
Hallway at Podcamp Boston 3


My Flickr photos from Podcamp Boston 2008.

This episode’s photo courtesy of CC Chapman on Flickr.

Canadians I met at Podcamp Boston:

John Meadows – On the Log

Sean McGaughey – the ductapeguy.

Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters show

Presenters at Podcamp Boston:

Stever Robbins – apologize if I mispronounced your name. You are Stever, not Steven -)

Stever’s podcast.

Andrew Jankowich

The podcamp fathers:

Chris Penn

Chris Brogan

The mother of all podcamps:

Podcamp Boston

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  1. You missed us! How sweet to notice.

    As you noted, the Montreal contingent couldn’t make it down this year – we hope to see you and your listeners at the very first edition of PodCamp Montreal on Sept 20th and 21st.

    Come to Montreal and show us what you got!

    Promotion to begin soon on Facebook and on our soon-to-be officially launched website at podcampmontreal.org


  2. Hi George – I listened to your PCB3 episode last night; nicely done, and I enjoyed your perspective on the event.

    And thanks for your nice comments on my latest episode, and for plugging the Niagara On the Lake meet-up. We hope to see you there!!

  3. Hi Connie, thanks for the reminder!
    I submitted my new feed to iTunes, but forgot to unsubscribe the old one.
    I’ll look into it today.

  4. Hi Steve, thanks for listening.

    Steve Sherlock was the funny and hospitable host to greet everybody on behalf of the organizing team. Great work, thank you Steve.

  5. Michelle, John, thank you for following up my podcast. I am happy knowing that we’ll meet again this year!

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