Just for laughs Toronto 2008: the ethnic show.

I went to see the CBC-taped, “ethnic” show last night, at Just For Laughs Toronto 2008.

** **

Just a little detour before commenting the actual show.

I recently found (online) an excellent Toronto writer, freelancer, Caterine Kustanczy. She sparked a lively conversation on her blog on MySpace, along the lines of “ethnic funny or just FUNNY?”

A very refreshing discussion, and necessary too. Let’s forget for a while the commercial appeal of the “ethnic” keyword, and stop throwing it in show-names just to sell tickets.

** **

The host was George Stroumboulopoulos of the excellent CBC Television show The Hour.

Georgie Str. is surely popular, and a great interviewer, but funny is not. At least not on stage, not in that décor and company. I’ve had more fun with the doorman than with Georgie last night.

But we were there for the liquor, not for the bottle. And the liquor was quite tasty!

All the comedians on the stage were new for me.

I liked the UK/Nigerian girl the most, probably because African humor is scarce around here (except for Montreal, or involuntarily in a Boston cab).

(the JFL website doesn’t mention her, neither the paper pamphlet we got at the show – baaaaad).

UK/Nigerian comic sensation Gina Yashere

I also liked Brampton’s own Sugar Sammy, and Jo Koy.

And I almost fell asleep during the half-Mexican guy’s routine.

Overall, a good night out, so people, just go and have a few laughs and then dine out. The summer days in Toronto are numbered, aren’t they?

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