My monthly DVD rental history

I will post this monthly, so that you can have a quick reference if looking for ideas on what to rent on DVD.

I already talked here about Lumet’s Before the devil…

So here’s a few notes on what my movie nights looked like in July 2008.

july dvds
july dvds

ALFIE – some wit for bachelors to share, some comedy.

GONE BABY GONE – Morgan Freeman. The action takes place in and around Boston.

NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN – Coen bros. latest. Mesmerizing. Instant cult. Coolest gun in recent cinema is introduced in this movie.

LOVE ACTUALLY – brit humor and lots of angles on how love strikes.

U-571 – Matthew McConaughey’s first? Epic WWII (do you know what this acronym stands for, kids?)

What did you see recently and it’s worth a try?

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  1. am o lista cu ce NU am vazut. de vazut? am vazut pe-ala cu panda kung-fu (parca asa-i zice); ploua, si in loc sa-i las pe copii la cinema si io sa ma duc in Alte parti, am intrat si eu. nice, dar mie si clarei ne-a lipsit umorul. ahum, vreau sa zic ala din film, ca nu era. sau nu l-am inteles noi.
    the village l-am vazut la teve si cred ca o sa-l mai vad daca daca il reiau vreodata. pff, cum sa ti-l recomand in citeva cuvinte? euh…pai e un film despre un sat:) vezi-l! 🙂
    imi place muzica de la alfie

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