Looking for a good, toddler friendly resort? Try this Muskoka one.

We just came back from a one-week stress cure at Muskoka lakes, 170 kilometers North of Toronto.

Muskoka is premium cottage land, for those of you not familiar with central Ontario’s escape havens.

While we were there before a few times in the last years, renting a cottage in the Parry Sound area, this was the first time we went to a resort. It’s called Severn Lodge, established mid 1800s.

There aren’t too many, and this one in particular is unique, being a kid-driven, family-oriented, premium service resort.


Those of you raising toddlers have a good idea of what a holiday looks like, with no nanny or nana to help. A continuous race to tame the little tiger escaped from his cage. Careful around deep water, make sure there’s warm milk around bedtime, is there a proper daycare at the resort etc.

One conclusion pops up like the ugly head of a little monster when searching for this type of resort: not too many cater for families with toddlers.

Which makes me wonder why no one is exploiting this golden mine of a business: tourism for families with toddlers.


While there is a program for toddlers at Severn Lodge, don’t expect professional care at their daycare. The girl there was just a summer student that phoned us 15 minutes after dropping Santi, because he wouldn’t stop crying.

However, we enjoyed having a room where Santi could play with new toys. One of us had some time for his own, at least.


Kids older than 4 had a blast at Severn Lodge!

Their program was manned by 2-3 staff, and quite exciting as we noticed.



Overall it was great!

Canadian hospitality is as dependable as always, and all minor hiccups were promptly addressed.

We met lots of people coming back to Severn Lodge for years, many of them in parties of 3 generations.


Ideal. We saw people from New York, Ohio, Connecticut, Boston area. And Germans, French as well.


** **

Do you know any good places to take your toddler in a little holiday?


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  1. @DoDu
    Multumesc pentru cuvintele frumoase.
    Traducere…pentru cine? Pina si mama intelege engleza mea de clasa IIIa -)

    Da’ daca cineva vrea, ii trimit traducerea, numa sa zica. Pe bune.

    Multam de vizita si te mai astept.

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