Are you on HDTV yet? If not for you, do it for your toddler.


We bought our Sony Bravia HDTV last November and got the HD channels from Rogers Cable right away, including the bonus package.

HDTV is really a shock.

To compare, I don’t even have to go back to the days of watching B&W television using a tube-box as thick as a beer-belly.

HDTV is as powerful for the eye as is a drop of water on a tongue that licked sandpaper all night.


Back in November ‘o7, when we signed for HDTV with Rogers, life was full of promises…this is just the appetizer, Rogers fliers said, the HD experience will virtually explode in the near future.

We’re in the same place, stuck with the same number of channels, and the HDTV revolution eludes us. If there’s any revolution at all.

I read there are huge bandwidth costs related to introducing new HD channels…


Our HDTV experience is so addictive that we changed our TV habbits.

PBS (via WNED HD) is our main station through the morning, watching toddler shows: Boobah, It’s a big big world.

Once we hit the 7 AM mark during our weekdays, I switch for a few minutes on DiscoveryHD, for their Sunrise Earth show. Nature at sunrise with it’s original soundtrack, in HDTV. A simple, genius idea for my morning coffee ahead of a busy day at the office.

City TV in Toronto is the only local that offers a full-HD experience. We spend a lot of time there.

CBC has some toddler programming that we watch in HD over the weekend.

Still, we miss a full-time HD channel for kids.

Hey, investors…

Then, of course, are the sports in HD. Hockey looks great! Olympics in HDTV is a feast.

And Sundays are for the 5.1 HD concerts on HD Net.


I recently wrote to Rogers Cable‘s customer service about the lack of kids program.

2/3 of our TV time is spent watching kids programming with our 2.5 year old son. We would be thankful for a couple of kids channels in HD. We would easily give up some other channels that we never watch (they are good, of course, but just out of our radar).

Rogers Cable answered by saying “thanks for the feedback, it’s important for us.” And that was it.

** ** **
I then emailed Treehouse TV asking when is their channel going to be available in HD?

They don’t even bother replying to your email.
They send an automated response instead, with their “useful” FAQs link etc.

** ** **
Bell Canada is also an HDTV provider in Canada.

I looked at their HDTV channels lineup: nothing there to trigger my decision to change the provider.

Of course, as any sane Canadian knows, writing to Bell’s customer service is like writing poems on the beach in between the waves that erase them.


Am I excited by HDTV? Yes! I strongly recommend it.

Finally: how does your HDTV experience look like?

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  1. mai eit§ditivi ecspiriens luc laic a veri big zero.
    aaa, ba nu veri big, oar zero ca m-am holbat in magazin citeva secunde la un teveu pe care era ceva sport in hd. mi-e lene sa ma uit acum in ziar sa le numar, dar sint aci vreo cinci canale in hd, cind li se face reclama imi tot explica copchiii de ce ar trebui sa avem si noi asa ceva. nici ei si nici entuziasmul tau (pe care il inteleg) nu ma conving totusi sa ma grabesc prea tare la un abonament;;). nu stiu de ce, nici macar nu stiu cit costa unul, ca sa am scuza ca ar fi prea scump. in orice caz, vazind imaginile mi-am dat seama ca-s in hd, dar abia dupa ce am stat si m-am gindit ca iote domne ce imagine faina dau teveurile astea plate. sigla postului n-o observasem, mi-a aratat-o vinzatoarea, dupa ce-am intrebat-o daca e hd, sau ce-i cu teveu ala acolo?;;)

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