Axiom: a podcaster is an entertainer

I’ve always been fascinated by radio people when meeting them in person: they have so many great stories to tell!
They are naturally entertaining people due to the nature of their work environment.

I am now in the position to affirm the same about podcasters.

I met podcasters this year at Podcamp Toronto, Podcasters Across Borders in Kingston, Podcamp Boston. Lots of interesting people! Kind, ready-to-help, “make sure you call if you’re in the neighborhood”.

Podcasters are entertaining!

If you don’t trust me, look at my son watching podcaster Sean McGaughey as we visited him and his lovely family in Midland, Ontario, during our one-week Muskoka holiday.

Thank you Sean, Nancy and Sarah!


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  1. That’s a great insight George. Podcasting is a very accessible stage for entertainers. The revolutionary thing about the video clip for me is that I now have the ability to entertain– from the comfort of my own home and using consumer gadgets such as digital cameras and home computers.

    And by the way…

    You are hearby tagged with the Six Random Things About Me Meme.

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