DVD rental history – August 2008

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Highlights of last month’s DVD nights for me include:
MICHAEL CLAYTON – the best movie of last month. Hats off to Tony Gilroy (the Bourne-trilogy writer) for writing&directing this nail-biter. George Clooney stars. A must see!

SUNSHINE – Remember THE BEACH with Leo Di Caprio and that stunning cinematography? Danny Boyle did that movie, and Sunshine too. Sunshine is a SF production that will keep you eyelids popped wide open the whole 2 hours of the movie.

THE ASSASINATION OF JESSE JAMES… – I like Brad Pitt for Fight Club, but “The Assasination…” was a timewaster for me.

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Credits and references

1. I use the Zip.ca service for renting my DVDs online.

2. All links here point to The Internet Movie Database website.

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Did you see anything interesting lately?

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