6 things you probably didn’t know about me

I was tagged by  the Ductapeguy.

Here are the six things I hope you didn’t know about me.

  1. I was still a kid when my parents woke me up at 4 AM in the cold of the winter, just because each head in the family would get to buy 1 bottle of milk. The milk was sold starting 6 AM, and by 7 AM was gone. There was a headcount when milk was sold in fuckin’ communist Romania: it was that bad and I will always remember.
  2. During my university years, my hair was so long that I could use it as a belt for my jeans.
  3. I mentored very few people when I was a radio personality. It pays to go quality rather than quantity, most of them keep in touch from their corner of the world. Each one of them appreciates the Music and the Artist at the right value.
  4. I have a sister that’s 5 years older than I am. She introduced me to Borges / Tarkovski / Pink Floyd ===  Daniil Harms / Michelangelo Antonioni / Tangerine Dream, and many others along the pattern (literature/film/music).
  5. Like any other over-qualified Canadian immigrant, I did my share of survival jobs: market research, security, superintendent. While doing my job, I was humiliated by arrogant people less educated than me. But an ex-MP (Member of Parliament of Canada), ex minister of defense (and notorious liberal caucus personality) that lived in the building I was taking care of (as superintendent) said to me: “George, see the third phone on my desk? The black one. It’s a direct line to the prime minister of Canada. If you run into a problem, you tell me first and I’ll use the damn phone.”
  6. I met my wife while she auditioned for a radio-host job at the FM station where I was managing the hiring process. I met my son on a Monday morning in 2006 at Mt. Sinai hospital in Toronto. They both had no idea I was there to bring love in their lives, and to stay.

I will end this thread here because everybody else I know already did it.


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  1. That was a very interesting list, George! Glad you were tagged – and followed thru. I also liked the fact that you ended it there! Se you in Montreal I hope- or Toronto- or Kingston, or the Danforth, or…

  2. Hi George!
    First of all I like your picture. I know it from the panel
    of honour of Art School… 😉 nice times….
    Even I know you since 1975, I didn’t knew about you these “6” points.
    I am happy to see, that some women are so lucky like your wife.
    I am glad you find your place and I wish you all the best for next coming years…
    Kisses, Rita

  3. @Rita – thank you and HOW ARE YOU??? I hope all is well. It would be very interesting to read the “6 things” thing about you…All the best!

  4. From:

    To: George Motoc DJ

    the 6 things about you page is wonderful. From the story about the milk, to the line to the prime minister, to meeting your son; just beautiful.

    (leader of THE STAXX BROTHERS band in Seattle)

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