If you think that RADIO is dead…

…well, think again.

Last night’s commuter chaos in downtown Toronto was a real test for quick and reliable mass communication.

How did the TELEVISION, INTERNET and RADIO fare during last night’s crisis?

I had tickets for a concert in downtown Toronto last night, at 8 PM.

By 5:30 PM, while still driving home, I found out there is no subway service to downtown. The scene along Yonge street reminded me of the famous blackout, five summers ago.

By 6:30 it was chaos…Canadian style -)

People calmly walking, cars waiting for a gap in the human flow, taxis and shuttle buses overloaded but quiet.


TELEVISION: as I was frantically looking for the “subway back” message, televisions went ahead with their 6 o’clock, pre-edited news.

INTERNET: checked TTC’s website by 6:45 PM, there was no update since 5 PM. The only news there? “No subway service between Lawrence and Bloor.” I went on and checked some Toronto blogs, nothing. CP24.com, 680news.com had the news, but no updates.

RADIO: 680 News rules. They were all over it. Thanks 680 News.

So, to all those thinking radio is dead, last night’s coverage was a quick reminder: in crisis, radio is the place to find out information.

As for TTC…I walked to Davisville subway to get their updates via their speaker system. Those speakers are so quiet that no one can understand what’s coming out of them.

If you are a candidate in the October’s elections, talk me about TTC. I might vote you if you’re good with promises -)


I am amazed by the lack of penetration of private AM radio in my homecountry, Romania. I am sure many people thought about it, but somehow the idea did not develop. Do you know anything on that?

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