Playlist – music for your radio show

There is a new page on my site, called Playlist.

I hope you can use it. I had the patience to list and link the musicians that I played in my podcast in the last few months. I like to compare the grind of finding the music I play with mining for gems. In fact, if I have no song that strikes me like a thunder, I will skip a week of podcasting.

** **
Back to the list.

I know 2-3 people around the world that trust my taste in music. The list is not  for them. It’s rather for the ones out there looking for new sounds:

  • playlist editors. People working for FM stations that can afford to build their own playlist.
  • radioshow producers. People that play music in their shows, or build the show around music.
  • DJs. People that earn a living by being curious about music that moves peoples and their legs.

** **

The list is alive! I will keep building on top of what you see today, so come back for more, every month or so.


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