What would you expect from Podcamp Toronto 2009?

Connie Crosby (Podcamp Toronto organizer) asked me this question during last night’s Toronto Podcasters Meetup.

As with any other person facing  a microphone out of the blue, my brain went into the “un-smart” mode, and my answer was plain non-interesting. What I thought was “it’s too early to ask about 2009; your 2008 Podcamp was so good that I’m still working on my notes.” What I said was something like “I’d be just fine if you could match the 2008 Podcamp.”

Regardless of what I said last night, this is a hot question, and this is the time when organizers of the Podcamp Toronto (tag using pcto09 or podcamptoronto) brainstorm on the topics to be discussed. I’ve come up with a couple of requests that I would like to see followed at the next year’s edition (February 21 and 22):

  • media people practicing on both sides of the barricade (such as Mathew Ingram was at Podcamp Toronto 2008 and Nora Young/Dan Misener at PAB2008)
  • a presentation on how the people listen to podcasts. An entertaining analysis of the opposite end of producing podcasts: the consumption. The spectrum should cover both the technical part and the content part. Last night I heard (from William Spaetzel of the podcast aggregator Castroller) of a way you can listen to podcasts using iTunes with a non-iPod device (via Windows Media Player). In my HOW TO series, I show how I listen to podcasts in My Yahoo.

The registration for Podcamp Toronto 2009 is now open, I’ve just added my name at position 167. That’s a lot of people so far! The registration list is a fascinating resource for the North American podcast scene. Register here.

What would YOU expect from Podcamp Toronto 2009?

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