News: podcast awards; Garrison Keillor is podcasting; Yeasayer live in Montreal and Toronto.

Bits and pieces today. Hope you can use the information below.

Podcast Awards – an excellent way to find new shows; or to see what podcasting sounds like

There are 2 ‘podcast-awards’ websites that I’ve recently found out, via the Podcasting Tools blog. You can use those as a start point in finding new shows, or – if new to podcasting – to see/hear what podcasting is made of.

The nominations are split into categories, and properly linked. It’s really easy to browse and an enjoyable experience overall. The 2008 edition is the fourth, and the name behind the awards is a company called Podcast Connect, located in Hawaii.

European PODCAST Award has only 4 categories and is loaded with audio produced and podcast-ed across the pond. It is the brainchild of Michel Martins, in Hamburg, Germany.

I have no knowledge of any Canadian Podcasting Awards. If there’s any, let me know: I have a few shows to nominate!

Garrison Keillor is finally podcasting. Not one, but 2 shows at a time!

Garrison Keillor, the radio legend most of you know from Robert Altman’s “A Prairie Home Companion”, is finally podcasting!

You can listen to his monologues (extracted from the actual show) on the weekly “News from Lake Wobegon”. “The Writer’s Almanac” is Keillor’s daily show on literature and poetry. Superb!

You can subscribe to both podcasts here.

And if you thought that answering to listener’s letters is a boring genre, dedicated to the sender only, read here. If GK had to write the telephone book, it would be an enjoyable lecture!

Yeasayer live in Montreal and Toronto

Yeasayer, a Brooklyn based band that I played in my podcast, is touring and will be in Canada this weekend.

24 Oct 2008 20:00
Le National Montreal, Quebec
25 Oct 2008 20:00
Legendary Horseshoe Tavern Toronto, Ontario

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