Recession? Take note of this tip on job interviews.


I am currently looking for a job and working with several recruitment agencies.

While I still have 2 weeks of my current contract, I attend job-interviews.

Here is the recount of an interview where they will never forget me. And, with hundreds looking for work, getting noticed is of utmost importance!

** **

A couple of days ago, I walk off the Queen subway station in downtown Toronto, and make it to the recruitment agency within a short walk.

I ask the receptionist where the bathroom is.

– Grab the key, walk up the stairs, to your right.

** **

The interview is just fine. I feel like I can work with this guy! He is going to find a job for me in no time!

** **

One hour later, I park my car at the office, and the cell phone rings. It’s the agent I’ve just talked to.

– Wow! This guy is quick. He found a job for me in less than one hour.

– George, this is an awkard question, but do you have the key to our washroom?

I went to their washroom just before the interview. The receptionist gave me a key, directions, and I followed. I put the key on the sink, washed hands, groomed a little and went out. 30 people got their washroom locked.

Now I wonder if they’re gonna give me a job or not.

Photo by bucklava on Flickr. Thanks!

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