Ski tickets around Toronto: do they know it’s recession?

First, skiing around Toronto is a joke for anyone who used to live  in a mountain region, as I did. These slopes can barely be called hills, but that’s OK if what you’re looking for is a few hours of family-time outdoors.

What’s not OK is the pricing.

No sign of recession in the price of the ski tickets around Toronto. Listed below are the prices for an adult at a few ski slopes we’re visiting every winter. If you live in Toronto, these are one-day trips.

George - Canadian Rockies, near Banff
George - Banff, Canadian Rockies, at a decent minus 22 Celsius

resort                                   adult cheapest      adult all-day

Dagmar (Uxbridge)        38                             45

Lakeridge (Uxbridge)    42.50                      50

Horseshoe  (Barrie)        28                             42

Mount St.Louis (Barrie) 42                            47

Snow Valley (Barrie)       32                            46

** **
Blue Mountain (best skiing) 45                    66

** ** **

For up-to-date pricing, all above have websites; just copy/paste the resort name and then google it.

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