Perfect customer service: Rolling Stone magazine

My copy of RS #1067 came with a physical defect on the cover’s right-margin: it was cut 1/2″ short:

My copy of RS1067
My copy of RS1067

I wrote an email to Rolling Stone’s customer service, describing the shortcoming. I did not ask for anything, just sent the description. Here is their answer:

Thank you for contacting Rolling Stone Magazine.

We are correcting our records and extending your subscription to compensate for any inconvenience caused. Your new expiration date will be … (adding one month to the current subscription).

Thank you,

Rolling Stone Magazine


Points made:

  • the answer was prompt
  • they addressed a problem without a question. I did not send them a picture with the faulty cover
  • should I want more, they are ready to listen

Kudos to Rolling Stone for its customer service!


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  1. Nice to see that SOME companies still offer customer service, and you have to appreciate the coincidence that a magazine called “Rolling Stone” has someone named Angie working at it….which, of course, was a huge hit for the BAND the Rolling Stones…..

    Love the blog!
    Stevie Z

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