Andy Barrie hiatus

Update 5 March 2009

According to blogTO, Andy will be back behind the microphone on Monday 09 March at 0545 AM.

Welcome back!

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UPDATE 19 February 2009

A very very sad day. Here is what I found on Twitter (from Jay Moonah):

@jmoonah RIP Mary Barrie (wife of CBC host Andy.) I worked with her for a bit at UofT, great lady. She’ll be dearly missed.

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I noticed quite a few searches on the web with the wording “Andy Barrie hiatus”.

The beloved CBC morning-show host is on a hiatus and people don’t know why.

Many of them reach my blog searching for Andy due to an older entry in my blog, not related to Andy but to the show’s website.

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Here is what I know about Andy’s hiatus.

Andy Barrie
Andy Barrie

It must have been the last week of November, when – at the end of the show – I heard Andy explaining that he will be on a hiatus.

He gave the following details with the decency that I admire in all radio people.

He explained that the hiatus is not related to himself (Andy has Parkinson’s disease and made this public in 2007). No.

This time, he will take time off to take care for a member of the family.

He didn’t mention a return date to his show.

I hope that we have Andy back behind the microphone as soon as is possible.

In the meantime, we can send him our best wishes.

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