Toddler winter-fun around Toronto

I always appreciate tips on how to spend some funtime with our toddler over the weekends.

There aren’t too many facilities, indoors and especially outdoors, where toddlers can release some of that fantastic energy!

There are way more opportunities once the kid is 3-4 years old.

** **

We went snow tubing at Snow Valley, in Barrie, this last Sunday, with our son who is 2 months shy of his 3rd birthday.

Yes, the little ones have their own snow-tubing park at Snow Valley!

They must be at least 36″ of height. If they are higher than 42″, they can go with the “big boys”.

Ours is barely 36″, and he totally enjoyed his mini-tube. It was well worth the 7 bucks.

** **
Where are you taking your toddler for winter fun in and around Toronto?


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  1. Thanx George. This was very helpful for me. I was looking around in nearby areas to take my son who is still few months shy from 3 years old. Most places i looked at required that he be 4 years old or 42″ tall.

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