Immigration and rock music in Toronto

** UPDATE **

Peaceful Soldier rocks The Horseshoe Tavern on March 2nd, 10 PM.

TEXT: rock bands formed from immigrants in Toronto are hot.

MUSIC: Peaceful Soldier – Attitude (2009, demo)


Mihai Zaharia - bass in PEACEFUL SOLDIER
Mihai Zaharia – bass in PEACEFUL SOLDIER

Listen :

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Peaceful Soldier on MySpace.

Audio for bar atmosphere from fogma. Thank you!

** **
A T T I T U D E – demo

1. Does it really matter where we do come from?

Oh does it really matter, look at what we have become?

Narrow minded people, living all alone,

Bound to hide forever, secluded from our own!

TV life and dramas, thank you very much!

Birthing new horizons lacking human touch.

Chained to our habits, putting everything at doubt,

This is not me, let it be past, this is not what I’ve dreamed about!?

2. So you feel your life is dripping through your fingers day by day,

But until you tame your demons you’ll push everyone away!

Don’t surrender to your ego, end up on a cloud of dust,

Wander to the path of life like a ship without a mast!


We all need a change, we all need a chance to make things right!

We all need to reconnect, this is a time of holding tight !


When I search I get so lost, what I want I cannot have…

December 2008


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  1. Not bad! I am hearing here a very nice duet between Jeff and Miguel, not bad at all! And the messages are … going strait in our hearts!

    Se vede de la o posta ca versurile sint scrise de un Roman 🙂

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