Podcamp Toronto 2009 and music with Dr. dFunkt

TEXT: Thoughts after Podcamp Toronto 2009

MUSIC: Dr. dFunkt – FUCKU


Toronto band Dr. dFunkt
Toronto band Dr. dFunkt

Download the episode:


Listen now:

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Podcamp Toronto 2009 was a huge success. Some of the sessions I attended were those of Chris Brogan, Sylvain Grand Maison and Mark Blevis.

The episode concludes with a high-energy-funk track from Toronto band Dr. dFunkt. They launch their CD at Lee’s Palace on March 7th. They were recommended to me by Joe Chisholm of Indiecan Radio.

** **
Credits and references

Podcamp Toronto wiki.

Dr. dFunkt on MySpace.

Griffin Technology – Podcamp Toronto sponsor. I won a cool prize they offered.

Dave Delaney captured the audio for Chris Brogan’s presentation. Thanks for sharing!

Video – Sylvain Grand Mason @ Podcamp Toronto 2009.

** **
One year later – Podcamp Toronto 2010 coverage.

One year ago – Podcasters Across Borders 2008 coverage.


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  1. We never had a chance to talk! Do we have to wait for PAB?

    I will definitely work to advance the conversation on workflow and the creative process. I may run a webinar to further the discussion.

  2. We’re all in this Together George!
    Dr. dFunkT are great group of guys who have played our always free always rockin’ IndieCan Wednesday’s at The Annex WreckRoom at Bathurst and Bloor.

    You got a theme – I got a band. Until next time….

    Keep rockin’ with these great podcasts! Joe C

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