Jian Ghomeshi and petulant Billy Bob Thornton make juicy live radio

This has gone viral on the internet: Billy Bob Thornton, the Hollywood actor, was pissed off during a CBC-radio interview because his acting career was mentioned while he was there as a musician.

He then went on being erratic and eventually rude, while his host (Jian Ghomeshi, CBC Toronto, host of  Q show) was progressing with the interview.

In today’s 16-minute episode I discuss Jian’s approach to dealing with an impolite  guest during a live interview on national radio.

Jian Ghomeshi - as a musician, he has more records than Billy Bob
Jian Ghomeshi

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MUSIC TODAY: Mofro – On Fire (LP Orange Blossoms, 2008)


Download today’s episode (mp3):


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Credits and references:

The Q blog entry (including the 13’40”  interview on video) about Billy Bob’s petulant moment.

Jian Ghomeshi on Wikipedia. He had a band, he was a drummer. As famous Canadian podcaster Bob Goyetche put it, Jian probably sold more records than Billy Bob Thornton.

The Boxmasters on MySpace. Billy Bob Thornton is listed as vocalist. He also mans the drum kit.

Mofro on MySpace. “Orange Blossoms” is their 2008 album, super funk and more!


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  1. […] Did you know that Steve Martin, of Hollywood fame, is an accomplished (he won a Grammy for his album The Crow in 2010) banjoist? Neither did I. His 2011 album – with his partners onstage this year in Toronto, The Steep Canyon Rangers – consists of original material only. We all love him dearly, but hopefully he will not get it wrong as the other Hollywood-ian did it in Toronto. […]

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