Falling in love with Montreal – audio tour (podcast #1 – Friday night & Sat morning)

MOTTO: I hope you don’t live there just because you’re close to your job.

(Razvan Constantinescu)


Next episode is here.


Fantastic jazz @ Diese Onze
Friday night jazz @ Diese Onze on rue St-Denis

I decided – 22 years ago, with my lifelong buddy Razvan  – that the best way to fall in love with a city is to explore it without a plan. To test, we explored by that rule the medieval burgs of Transylvania, our homeland. It was communist Romania, after all, and we could not travel abroad.

Last October, I repeated that kind of “customized” trip in London (UK) with buddy Andras Ferencz playing the host. It was fantastic!

This early May I decided to do that in Montreal. I called Razvan Constantinescu, a friend who lived in Outremont, in the heart of Montreal, for the past 7 years.

The following conversation took place on a sunny Sunday morning,  in a secret (well, we’ll keep it as our secret for a little while)  boulangerie in Outremont, that has a teahouse on top of it…

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SO…….(click Play)

Download mp3:

MO 01 Friday Night & Sat Morning final


Running time: 08’56”

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Credits and references:

Friday night jazz on rue St-Denis – Diese Onze (the photo is from their website gallery, thank you)

Saturday morning see-and-be-seen breakfast: L’Avenue (we lined up for 5 minutes and gave up)

Saturday morning breakfast at Le Barbare (check the veal roast,  my friend said)


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  1. offtopic:
    daca esti prin zona te astept cu drag vineri, 12 iunie, de la ora 12.00, la biblioteca judeteana petre dulfu din baia mare, la o dubla lansare de carte, in prezenta autorilor
    indicii anatomice – oana stoica mujea
    blestemul manuscrisului – bogdan hrib
    iar daca iti gasesti un pic de timp sa scrii si la tine pe blog despre eveniment, o sa pui o, vorba aia, caramida intru propovaduirea culturii 🙂
    te astept

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