America needs Ceausescu

What America needs to pay its debt is… Ceausescu. The  dictator had an obsession with paying Romania’s foreign debt.
America needs a ceausescu of her own. Imagine:

(the following dialogue is real; it’s between two 40-year old Romanian guys that “enjoyed” the cruel dictatorship of Ceausescu in communist Romania)

(the dialogue sprang out of watching a documentary on USA’s skyrocketing debt)


Razvan: They need a couple of years of Ceausescu. By the time we killed Ceausescu, Romania was the only Eastern European country without a foreign debt.
George: Yeaaaaah! Electric power being cut off at 9 PM. A nation in darkness and cold.
Razvan: Americans, nationalize McDonalds! Make it a federal corporation.
George: No more butter , eggs and meat in the stores. All that’s left is sardines. A whole nation starving.
Razvan: Rationalize food: meat, milk and sugar. Parents wake up at 3 AM and lineup in front of the grocery store. Kids wake up at 5:30 AM and join parents in the lineup – there is one bottle of milk per person present. Store opens at 6 AM, milk is gone by 7 AM.
George: One TV-channel, state owned, on air 7-10 PM. Two radio stations, state owned. Of the 2 radio stations, the second is classical music only. All TV and radio programming is a praise to the dictator.
Razvan: Install the “odd-number day” rule: only cars with plate ending in an odd-number can be driven. The even-number cars are prohibited. And viceversa. For example: if tomorrow is 02 September  and your plate is APRF-855, your car stays home.

George:  Let’s stop it. These memories suck and Obama is not the guy anyway. What are you doing for your 40th birthday?

Razvan: I’m going here

photo credit: Tibi Gherghel
photo credit: Tibi Gherghel

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