Hot Romanian cinema @ Toronto International Film Festival TIFF 2009

There is a decent sample of Romanian movies this year at Toronto International Film Festival.


I warmly recommend all of them. These young directors/actors/camera people  are truly able to turn a regular story in powerful cinematic moments.

You will laugh and cry, and understand more on why your Romanian buddy at the office never stops talking about life behind the Iron Curtain.


A simple “Romania” search on festival’s website returns this:

Romanian cinema at TIFF 2009
Romanian cinema at TIFF 2009

Tales from the Golden Age – Cristian Mungiu is, of course, the Palm D’Or director of 432;  Hanno Hofer is  a well-known director and also leader of the Transylvanian-blues band             Nightlosers

If you know more about the names listed above, please feel free to inform us by adding a little comment to this blog entry.

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CALENDAR (courtesy of Romanian Cultural Institute New York)

FRI, Sep 11, 9:30 am | SUN, Sep 13, 9:45 pm | THU, Sep 17, 10 pm

SUN, Sep 13, 10 pm | THU, Sep 17, 2:30 pm | SAT, Sep 19, 9 am

TUE, Sep 15, 8:45 pm | WED, Sep 16, 2:45 pm
followed by Q&A with director

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