Timpuri Noi in concert la Toronto (joi 12 noiembrie 2009)

LATER EDIT (dupa concert)

Concert fantastic! Nebun!

Mi-e si frica sa ma gindesc cum era sa fie un turneu nord-american. Cred ca eram roadie la Timpuri Noi la ora asta, prin Chicago, Boston, Montreal, New York.

Dupa cite stiu io comunitatea romaneasca din Chicago si pe cea din Montreal, ar fi foc, ar fi vulcan un concert Timpuri Noi acolo!

** **

Mai intii am dat mina cu Artanu.

Apoi am avut ocazia rara de a sta la 3 metri de Fenderul lui Dan Iliescu, un mare, mare chitarist si entertainer.

Parcurgind CD-urile best-of care le-am cumparat la concert, realizez (mini revelatie!) ca Iliescu e plin de funk si ca Timpuri Noi au fost tot timpul “timpuri noi”. Judecind dupa cit am dansat, ei sint la fel de buni pentru mine ca si Primus sau Frogbrigade sau Particle.

Singurul regret e ca – la cit funk e in muzica lor – sint o trupa fara basist. Nici un repros aici  DJ-ului din trupa care controleaza liniile de bas.

POZE DE LA CONCERT: am gasit pe Flickr aici.

VIDEO DE LA CONCERT: am gasit (via S0B0 pe Twitter) aici (din pacate e doar bis-ul).

** **

Vesti bune, via Luiza Alexa: in ianuarie 2010, Nightlosers la Toronto si New York.

*************** *************** ******************** *************** ***********

Primesc urmatorul comunicat de la Luiza Alexa, organizatoarea concertului.

(Luiza este cea care i-a adus pe NIGHTLOSERS in Canada in octombrie 2008):

** **

Music from Behind the Iron Curtain: Timpuri Noi in Torontomarking 20 years from the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe

November 12, at 8:30PM (doors at  7 PM) at Hollywood on The Queensway (1184 The Queensway, Etobicoke , ON )

Tickets: www.timpurinoi.ca ($20 in advance, $25 at the door)

There is no need to print the tickets, the printed confirmation you receive by email will suffice.

About Timpuri Noi

During the 1980s, underground music served as a form of political rebellion, carrying coded messages against oppressive regimes and their social and cultural policies. Now, the same music rings out as a celebration of a successful movement for change.

The name Timpuri Noi (Modern Times) derives from a cliché of the period: its literal meaning is “New Times” (in the sense of “New Age”), used to signify Marxist Socialism. The tongue-in-cheek reference is also associated with the Bucharest metro station of the same name. The name is also the Romanian translation of Modern Times, the title for Charles Chaplin’s classic 1936 film.

With their songs “Perfect”, “Becule” (You, Light Bulb) and “Drumul spre lumina” (The Road to Light) – 1984 – 1989, their subtle, subversive lyrics provoked Communist authorities, getting them banned from public radio or TV stations and drawing the surveillance of the Romanian Secret Services. The band continued its politically engaged songwriting, releasing in the ‘90s songs depicting the social and economic changes in post-revolutionary Romania : “Victoria” (The Victory), “N-ATO” (a word pun for NATO), and “Emigrant USA”. Timpuri Noi opened for bands like Ian Gillan, Uriah Heep, Scorpions, Jethro Tull, Iron Maiden, Joe Cocker and Rod Stewart.

Being in the spotlight for more than 25 years, one can safely say the band has boldly spoken out for two, even three, generations of Romanian fans.


“Artan” – Adrian Plesca

Dan Iliescu

Andrei Barbulescu

Florin Tuliga

Victor Rivalet

** **

Multumim, Luiza.


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