Nobody killed the radio star

Blackburn - live 2009 (photo by Black Flight on MySpace)

I’ve recently added 3 songs to my party playlists for this end of the year.

I’ve first heard all 3 of them on CBC Radio 2 Morning (host Bob Mackowycz), a living proof that people still find-out new music on good ol’ radio.


Running time: 17 minutes

Download today’s episode:

2009 12 12 CIS Party Playlist

Listen here:


Blackburn – on MySpace. They funk on the story of Rosa Parks:  December 1st 1955, age 42, she refused to obey bus driver James Blake‘s order that she give up her seat to make room for a white passenger.

The Swell Season – homepage.

Charlie Winston – homepage.

On the log – the podcast I mention today.

The 3 songs I play today were first heard on CBC Radio 2 Morning show on 94.1 FM in Toronto.

They are RADIO STARS for me

Helen Mayhew – one of the UK DJs I closely follow.

Jian Ghomeshi – he’s my age, and works for CBC, the national Canadian radio.

Andy Barrie – the best morning show in Toronto.

John Derringer – the funniest man I currently know in FM. He’s on Q107 – Classic Rock in Toronto.

Andy Frost – best voice in FM for me. I often shake hands with him at the Hard Rock Cafe studio in Toronto, while he broadcasts the magnifique Psychedelic Sunday.


The  guitar audio background I use today is by John Meadows – any podcaster can use John’s music posted here.

Blackburn’s picture was taken at the Orangeville Jazz and Blues Festival 2009 by Black Flight. Thank you!


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    • Sinteti fantastici, dragilor. Ati facut turul caminelor din Regie deja? Mergeti si-n Leu? Tare mi-ar place sa fiu student ca voi, iarasi…
      PS De la un chef suparat in caminul Observator din Cluj n-am mai ajuns la Timisoara, si am ratat Revolutia acum 20 de ani.

  1. g, sunt abia la al doilea siret, dar la mine merge, man, merge direct la inima! Iar despre Revolutie, nu-ti fa griji, toti au ratat-o, nu numai tu!…
    Sa sarbatoriti romaneste, nu ungureste ca mine… :-))
    La multi ani si s-auzim numai de bine! Mai des…

    • oh, la inima tinteam, bine c-am nimerit. “i wanna drink with you till we both fall down” sa fie deviza, unguroaico. your DJ.

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