My 2009 in podcasting

This is no exhaustive coverage; just a few highlights of the podcasting world, the way I saw it in 2009… Clear as mud!


CASTROLLER – my podcast subscription tool

The main podcasting event in 2009 – the way I see it – was the roll out of the CastRoller website – an online podcast subscription tool. Word around the campfire was that CastRoller will launch at the end of 2008; it was online sometime in February ’09.

The brainchild of Canadians Bill Deys and Will Spaetzel, CastRoller is an effective tool to:

  • store all your favorite podcasts in a personal collection
  • define your own Podcasting Channels (see mine here)
  • explore the world of podcasting (you can even add a podcast if it’s not in the repertoire yet)
  • share episodes you liked directly on Twitter
  • and so much more


Bye bye Kingston, hello Ottawa.

‘Twas the last year in Kingston, Ontario for this conference – the avant-garde of  North American podcasting. Next year we all meet at the end of June in Ottawa!

Mark Blevis and Bob Goyetche of the Canadian Podcast Buffet are PAB’s organizers.


Here is my coverage of this year’s podcamptoronto

The media archives are here, and the next edition is around the corner (February 20-21, 2010).


Episode 100 of Sean McGaughey’s FOR THE SAKE OF THE SONG podcast was – despite the milestone pressure – an emotional delight. Don Bray is just fantastic.

John Meadows – On The Log podcast – interviewed my childhood buddy Raz Van Constantine. Raz spoke for the first time in 20 years about his participation in Romanian revolution that led to Communist regime being brought down in Romania in 1989.

I test software for a living. I deal with recruiters while on the job market. That’s why I really enjoyed Georgia’s down-to-earth interview with IT recruiter Caitlin Kirby.

Some of my favorite podcasts are listed in my CastRoller collection.


MOST DOWNLOADED ‘2009’  EPISODES (English language)

1. Jian Ghomeshi and petulant Billy Bob Thornton make juicy live radio = 739 views

2. Fat Freddy’s Drop – 2009 album review = 635 views

MOST DOWNLOADED  ‘2009’  EPISODES (Romanian language)

1. La Multi Ani, Cristi Minculescu (varianta 1987) = 439 views

2. Coco Panait recita Doi Frati Cuminti, de Elena Farago = 232 views


  • I deeply fell in love with Montreal this year (with a little help from a friend), and I documented it here. This served as audio guide for many tourists; they found the episode via Twitter or Google searches. Couldn’t find something similar for my own use before visiting Chicago, and right now can’t find something on this niche for Barcelona. I think I’ll do a podcast for every city I fall in love with from now on, and so should you! -)
  • It was , again, my pleasure to play some fine Toronto bands in my podcast:  Peaceful Soldier, Dr. dFunkt, The Stickmen, Blackburn
  • Tourists loved my free audio tours for Toronto Jazz Festival and Luminato

WHAT’S IN for 2010

  • voiceover work for a couple of Romanian language internet-radio stations
  • Toronto correspondent for a TV-show that’s currently forwarded to CRTC for approval
  • narration work for a Romanian language audio-book

Wishing you all a great audio-2010, and looking forward to reading your own reviews for 2009!


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  1. Thanks for the praise for CastRoller, glad you find it so important to your podcast consumption.

    We launched CastRoller on Jan 27, 2009. And we have lots of new stuff coming for CastRoller soon.

    • Thanks for your comment, Sean. I am happy to see that your hard work pays off. You definitely are inspiration for many of us Canadian podcasters.

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