Currently on my mp3 player (January 2010)

The 3 rules for my mp3 player:

  • Albums only. No singles or playlists
  • No more than 5 albums at a time. This way each one gets ample time for audition.
  • Free podcasts. No more than 5 at a time.
Picture by Bob Goyetche on Flickr
Bob's radios

Queen – Jazz (1977)

Love – Forever Changes (1967)

Shrinebuilder – Shrinebuilder (2009) (slow metal a-la Black Sabbath)

Tinariwen – Imidiwan: Companions (2009)

Free podcasts:

President Obama’s weekly address

Canadian Podcast Buffet – episode 151

Spark from CBC Radio – episode 100

Movies For The Blind

The News from Lake Wobegon

Photo credits: Bob Goyetche on Flickr. Thanks Bob!

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What’s on your mp3 player lately?

Do you have your own rules for filling up the GB-tes?


See what was on my mp3 player in August 2009


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  1. Am gasit pe toate in afara de Queen care deja era in biblioteca digitala 🙂 (Love, Shrinebuilder si Tinariwen)

    Am sa revin to “critica musicala” dupa ce le ascult; nu am ascultat pina acum nici unul dintre acesti “creatori”; decit in tinerete Love, dar este “fuzzy in my memory”

  2. Just listened to desert songs from Tinariwen. Music is still new to me, but to understand the cultural background a more through “research” has to be done. For that the booklet with “Magic Desert Moments” and the translated lyrics is a good resource; and then also the accompanying 30 minutes DVD. Just my 2 cents on the quest on learning about the world we live in!

    Here are some words from the torrent distribution:

    Terrorist blues for your anarchist cravings from the best band on planet Earth.

    Brought to you by TQMP – The Quality Music Project

    The ascent of the Tuareg group from Saharan refugee camps to international stardom is one of popular music’s more heartening stories. The ascent of the Tuareg group from Saharan refugee camps to international stardom is one of popular music’s more heartening stories. The standard-bearers of ‘”desert blues” don’t falter on this fourth album, which takes a step back from the sonic clarity of Aman Iman: Water Is Life, in favour of a rootsier sound …

    — The Guardian

  3. And a bit of trivia, also to turn to one of the other of George’s hobbies, football: Zinedine Zidane, a football star, has Algerian Berber ancestry; wondering if, in his stardom, is listening to Tinariwen 🙂

    • Don’t know about Zidane listening to TW, most likely yes. Tinariwen is quite popular in Europe and Montreal, and they’ll play live at the Vancouver Olympics. They still power their amps with local generators, since the area where they setup tent is hydro-powerless.

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