Currently on my mp3 player (March 2010)

Backstage at Luminato 2009

I switched commuting recently.

After 5 years of driving the car to work, I am back on walking+subway. Sweeet…I get to listen tons of podcasts, revisit my music collection and dig for new sounds using my Napster subscription (it’s $15 a month, remember? the price of a cd…which I would buy anyway).

I keep sticking to my main rule: no more than 5 albums at a time on my mp3. That way I dedicate the right time to each other, rather than navigating to a jungle of MBites and hundreds of names.

Here’s the lineup in March 2010:

Motorhead – Motorhead (1977, debut LP)

Morphine – Good (1992, debut LP)

…and some new releases:

Peter Gabriel – Scratch My Back (2010, conceptual album made out of…covers; brilliant, minimalist work)

Bridges and Blinking Lights – Heroes, Guns and Snakes (2010 – fresh, inspired jam rock from Texas, will play them soon in my podcast)

Jimi Hendrix – Valleys Of Neptune (2010, pour les connaisseurs)

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