Elegant boogie from Texas band Bridges and Blinking Lights

I recently switched from commuting by car to subway.

Meaning I’m again into finding new music that makes me dance.


The band I am playing today comes via a channel I always use for building my live-concert calendar: www.jambase.com

Bridges and Blinking Lights - a band from Dallas, Texas

Running time: 6’52”

Download episode: 2010 04 CIS Bridges and Blinking Lights

Listen episode:

** **


Bridges and Blinking Lights – MySpace page

Photo credits:  CrazyPictureGuy.com (as posted on band’s MySpace)


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  1. In caz de interes (EELS) am vreo 6 almume flac: Beautiful Freak, Blinking Lights and Other Revelations, Daisies of the Galaxy, Electro-Shock Blues, Hombre Lobo, Souljacker si End Times. In plus “Essential Eels 1996-2006” (24 tracks)

    Poate sint deja “batrin” dar sint pentru “balade” cu mesaje si activism social. Ca poate doar se “trezeste” si America/Canda asta odata si odata 😉

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