PAB 2010 – a must for podcasters (press release)

PAB stands for Podcasters Across Borders.

This one is the fifth edition: June 18-20

I attended the 2008 edition, and am still impressed.

** **

To describe the the two PAB organizers:

Bob Goyetche – on twitter @bobgoyetche: “the disk is in use and could not be ejected” – Oh yeah? Watch me.

Mark Blevis – interviewing Andrea Ross, his wife, diagnosed last year with breast cancer.

If you never did, you gotta shake hands with these guys, and the  people they get around themselves each year for PAB.

Below is the press release…well, the email I got from Bob.

Well hello there!

I’m sending you this because your podcast is listed on, so I thought you might be interested in this great event. Thanks for reading this email blast (which you hopefully got only once!) , I wanted to be sure and reach out to each one of you.

You may not know this, but we’ve been running a great podcasting/social media conference for years now called Podcasters Across Borders (PAB), We held the event in Kingston Ont for the first 4 years, and it was a great success each year. We made the decision this year to change things up a bit by moving the event to Ottawa, and the wonderful facilities of the National Arts Centre.

Each year we line up the sessions/speakers to follow a theme. This year, it’s relevance, and we look at the blurring lines between social and traditional media. These topics have been chosen because they apply to all media creators, and reflect the reality of media in 2010.

While we have changed cities, we’re going to stick with the same format (Sessions/Jolts/workshops) that people tell us again and again how much they enjoy. We’ve made a conscious effort to keep the registration fees as low as they were last year, and to top it off, we got a better hotel rate! So, somewhat unexpectedly, PAB2010 will be cheaper than PAB2009!! Woo, and of course, hoo!

Let’s look at the PAB2010 experience we’re planning :

  • The event this year takes place at the NAC (National Arts Centre) in Ottawa – what a great venue, historically significant in Canadian Podcasting, great supporters of the community, and the location can’t be beat.
  • a GREAT room rate at the Lord Elgin Hotel. Less expensive than the Kingston hotel, and mere steps (or stumbles) away from the NAC and in beautiful downtown Ottawa.
  • Your registration fees get you (and your family if they’re tagging along) on an Ottawa boat cruise on Saturday night! The boat cruise is PAB-tradition, it’s a blast!
  • We’re planning some friday afternoon workshops for the early arrivals – those have been great deep dives into topics in previous years
  • We’ve started announcing the speakers on the website – watch the site for all news
  • Here’s a look at the speakers announced so far:
    • Keynote speakers
      • Friday keynote speaker Barry McLoughlin will explore the elements of style and how they impact media credibility and relevance.
      • Saturday keynote speaker Mike Tennant (Age of Persuasion) will talk about the role of creative in the new age of media (traditional and digital) and how journalists, producers and community leaders can explore creative to build audiences.
    • Speaking sessions
  • Cult of Listener: Podcaster as shaman in the post-literate Global Theatre; or, How to recruit disciples and brainwash your audience for fun and profit (speaker: Adam Gratrix)
  • Making Meaning: How to Create Content that Speaks to People (speaker: Susan Murphy)
  • Disruption of Social Contracts (speaker: Whitney Hoffman)
  • Make the Irrelevant Relevant: Apply Three Adult Learning Principles to Your Media (speaker: Mare Swallow, aka The Etiquette Bitch)
  • What if my boss finds out? (moderator Dave Brodbeck and panelists Tom Merritt, Ken Hernden and Scarborough Dude)
  • Canadian Supreme Court “Responsible Communication” Ruling (speaker: Tamir Israel)
  • Independent humanitarian organizations and social media (speaker: Avril Benoît)
  • Strong media brands (personal and mainstream) in the digital age (speaker: Kady O’Malley)
  • Death and Digital Legacy (speaker: Adele McAlear)
  • And much, much more! (I’ve always enjoyed saying that!)

We’re very excited to bring you an event worthy of the PAB name again this year, and we sure hope you can be a part of our inaugural Ottawa event! It’s going to be a blast!

Important dates :

The event (duh!)  : June 18-20
Hotel block reserved May 19th, or while supplies last

Important Links :

The Event : (breaking news as well as hotel/event information is here)
Registration :
Us taking about the event :

We don’t make a dime from PAB, all revenue from registration/sponsorship is poured directly back into the event. Our passion for this community fuels our efforts.

Any questions/concerns/opinions? Email us at, and we’ll answer you personally.

Thanks for reading this far!

Bob (and of course, Mark)

PS : If this email blast is a bother, let me know, there’s no special link to click on or anything, just reply and say “Bob, cut it out.” and I will – honest!

June 19-20, 2010
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

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