Books for summer 2010

Some of the books quietly waiting on my patio table.

I read them first translated in Romanian, back in the 90s, now I have the chance to read the original.

What is on YOUR list?

Santi recommends John Kennedy Toole's cult novel


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    • Happy reading to you, too. Thanks for passing by, your list is impressive and I will return to it.
      What is “The book of lost things”, how did it make it to your list?

      • I think “The Book of Lost Things” is about this boy who finds this mysterious book in his attic. I’m not really sure. Someone recommended it to me a long time ago. The books on my list are just some random books I already have and while I was looking through my books, I felt like reading those.

        Thanks for stopping by…

  1. I don not have a list per se, but I often do read random books (library, friends’ recommendations and so on). I actually have a childish goal: to acquire/ read all the 7 “Harry Potter” books, in English (I am not very pleased by the Romanian translation of them).

    • I read the Romanian version for all the books in the picture above. There is a pleasure in revisiting material in other language, no doubt.. Should I had the option, would’ve gone straight to the original in English (French for Tournier), the way you want to go for the Potter series.
      As for your ‘random’ ways to get books in your way, I remember doing that before. It is such a sweet victory when a happening results in a good book in your hands, as opposed to following a list…

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