15 years ago, I was a proud founding member of Radio Galaxia Baia Mare!

To my English language reader: this was indeed one of the great accomplishments of my career-life. Launching a radio station was never planned, and so even more exciting.

Launching Radio Galaxia!!

Happened on a hot Friday night, 18 August 1995, in my hometown Baia Mare, Transylvania, Romania.

If you ever get there (and you better do it, Baia Mare is the gateway to fabulous Maramures County), pass by their headquarters and say hello to my buddies. They are in downtown Baia Mare.


Live on air at Radio Galaxia, circa 1995

On my Facebook page you can see a few pics pre-going live at Radio Galaxia, during spring-summer 1995. All of them taken by award-winning photographer Silviu Ghetie.

Thank you, Silviu.


Two years ago, my friend and current radio host DJ Doctoru recovered some archive audio from 1998, when I was hosting the weekly top-10 show, GALAHIT. It was a decent success in the local market, and you can listen samples (Romanian language) at this link. All audio production (jingles etc) was in-house, quite an accomplishment for a local station in a city where local stations never existed before 1993.


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