Curriculum for my radio course

I did live FM-radio in Romania, between 1993-1998.

1993: I landed – with a 15-inch long mane and just out of university- into a recently-founded FM local station.

Radio just after university was like beer after votka:  6 years in radio felt like 66 in university.

If you want to work in a radio, don’t go to university; just follow my list of mandatory courses below – and then come to me.

click photo for more collection radios
A radio from Bob Goyetche's collection. Bob, a radio addict like myself.


Course 1 – history of the radio – live in a theatre

  1. Orson Welles – start with no.6 on this list, The War of the Worlds. A 1-hour radio show that got America out in the streets to fight the Martians, live from the theatre, 30 October 1938. Follow-up with Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds.
  2. A Prairie Home Companion – this time start with the movie, and then continue with the real show, which is still going on strong.

Course no 2 – radio means freedom, and so does rock’n roll

  1. Good Morning, Vietnam – did you try that salute in your shower? Go ahead, billions did it since it hit the screens in 1987.
  2. Private Parts – the 1997 auto-biography of Howard Stern, a radio-rebel with a rock’n roll attitude (and a love for rock music).
  3. Pirate Radio – 1 Boat. 8 DJs. No Morals.

Dear students, happy google-ing, youtubing, and practicing in front of a mike.

God bless the radio DJ.

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  1. Great curriculum!!

    It surprised me how human Howard Stern came across in Private Parts, it’s a great story. And “Pirate Radio” makes you want to be a part of that..

    For bonus points, I would recommend :

    American Hot Wax (1978) – loosely based on the story of Alan Freed, a pivotal DJ in early rock radio

    American Graffiti (1973) – fiction, but shows the power of radio in the 1950’s USA.. great movie

    All episodes of the TV show WKRP (late 1970’s) .. try to find the original episodes (not the DVDs), they lost the rights to the real music and the DVDs are hacked to bits..

    .. and a last vote for Woody Allen’s “Radio Days”

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