Freezing with a 4-yr old due to clueless TTC employee

I buy the monthly TTC Metropass with a credit card at the Davisville station. It’s about the only place where TTC invested in the “expensive, well advanced” technology of credit card payment.

So here I am, Saturday 02 October around 7 PM, with my 4-yr old, lining up at the Davisville subway station booth. We took a short bicycle ride through the cold night, hoping to be back to the comfort of our apartment as soon as possible.

It is  NUIT BLANCHE in Toronto, and quite a traffic to the subway. No problem, I think, the TTC is prepared.

I ask for 2 monthly Metropasses, I pass the credit card, and I realize the lady behind the counter is uncomfortable with the payment procedure.

She first asks for a chip credit card, then asks me to slide it, and then hands me back 2 passes, my card and a receipt of 141 dollars.

Expected was 100 dollars more.


I decide not to take advantage of her mistake, so I return the passes and the receipt.

And so I open the door to my Saturday night inferno.

It took about 10 minutes before she could explain that I have to wait out of the line.

It took another 10-15 minutes for the phone to ring, and for her to call me back at the front of the line.

It took another 10 minutes with her on the phone with the supervisor, and nothing told to me and to the 20 people behind me.

When I finally ask, she’s telling me that her supervisor is on the way, I need to wait.

I need to probe in order to find where is the supervisor coming from (Bay and Bloor, via subway), how long will it take.

In the meantime, my 4-year old grows impatient and cold.

I wait another fruitless and cold 10 minutes, then I leave my phone number at the booth, recuperate my card and leave.

Another 15 minutes away, around 8 PM, the supervisor calls. Some excuses, and she calls me back to the station.
I explain that I can’t since I am on duty with my son, and ask for a name.

No name necessary, here’s my badge number.

I ask her why didn’t she move faster, with a cab for example.

WHAT???? A TAXI???

Yes, m’am, didn’t your clueless employee explain that a 4-year old is waiting, too?


I am taking this here, for now.

I don’t regret not cheating TTC.

I expect their explanations on why a clueless employee was on duty on such a busy night (nuit blanche plus Metropass sales), and why was my situation handled like that (waiting for almost 1 hour without clear indications on what happens).

If my son gets a cold out of this, though, TTC be warned: I’ll be fierce.

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