Welcome, 42!

Coming before your eyes is a suite of birthday  gifts that suit me well.

Get inspired and give, give, give with love, love, love.

I'm 42 today. It was just right to buy myself this book.
My friend Raz drove to the States to buy me this gift: a DELUXE Razor kick scooter. It feels greaaaaat riding it! (note the kitschy-setting for the photo op)

My friend Titus always calls me for my birthday, from wherever in the world he is.

Titus and his wife Mia gave me the “Awesome Bugpula” t-shirt (pictured above) during my recent visit to hometown Baia Mare in Transylvania.


Friend Sorin Michnea not only developed a cool podcasting Android-app for me, but stopped by (with wife Irina) for my BDay with this precious 12-yr old gift.


The “Hard Rock Cafe London” shot-glasses in the picture above are part of my self- BDAY-gift 2 years ago: a “backpack, hippie trip to London”


Friend Raz rounded up his gift with a 2-part kitchen maneuver: 1. handing over for "cleanup" the pot where the homemade-chocolate was prepared
...and 2. Presenting the packaged product



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  1. La multi ani! Sanatos sa fii, fericit si prosper! Apoi satisfactiile vin de la sine (in doze mici sau mai mari)!

    S-apoi… la 42 de ani… viata abia incepe!!! :))

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