Introducing JingleBox for Android – for live podcasting and broadcasting (now available free on Android market)

LATE UPDATE (28 Feb 2011)
The application is now available for FREE on the Android Market


I came into podcasting from live FM radio.


My first audio shows on the web (2001) were actual radio shows stored on a web page.

It was all audio-produced, even though I missed a lot the live environment of a radio studio. I just could not live-cast and save it into digital format at that time.


I saw radio DJs playing music and jingles by touching a screen at CD Radio in Cluj Napoca, Transylvania, in 1998.

I drooled.

While I never got to use any screentouch technology during my live sessions on the radio, I loved the fact that Robi Horvath (a guy I mentored in the 90s at Radio Galaxia in Transylvania) developed Jingle Palette – a screentouch-ready (although usable with a mouse or keyboard),  freeware jingle player for Windows.

Remarkably, this happened in the late ’90s when broadcasting technology was extreeeeeemly expensive and unavailable to the masses.

Jingle Palette for Windows - a freeware by Robert Horvath

I permanently had it on my computer after landing in Canada, 10 years ago.

Never had the chance to use it as a touchscreen app – I was still drooling.


Robert H. went on to follow his radio dream and is now a successful manager at the Hungarian Public Radio.

FFWD to 2011 – the smartphone era.

The good news by the end of 2009 were that another of my “Radio Galaxia mentored kids” – Sorin Michnea – setup his HQ in midtown Toronto, a mere 10 minute walk away from me.

And Soso (as we call Sorin) loved Android.

And he is a radio loving geek.

It all naturally fell into place while sipping coffee at the corner of Yonge/St.Clair: we need a Jingle Palette for smartphones!

I wrote the requirements on a Second Cup napkin, and – one week later – Soso called me back to test it.

INTRODUCING: JingleBox for Android!

(download the free ppt below)

JingleBox for Android

JingleBox - Android app for live podcasting and broadcasting - by Sorin Michnea

Quick benefits:

= you can use your Android smartphone to play jingles / music in a noise-sensitive environment, such as a radio studio, podcasting studio.

(you can now live-podcast with a microphone and smartphone connected to a mixer – your computer made it impossible to live podcast because its fans coming-on while you were talking…)

= you are invited to a radio show and you want to play your music: set it up as a jingle palette with JingleBox; throw in some funky sound-effects on the bottom row and use them during the conversation

= jingle palettes can be saved on your android-phone: I do that with sounds I play for each edition of my show – intro, applause, bridges, outro etc.

**** ****
This app is not yet available for sale on any Android store.

If you want to beta-test it, just holler. I’ll get a copy for you from Soso.

Or you can connect directly with him via Facebook, look for him as Sorin Michnea.



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  1. When do you think there will be a jingle palette/jingle box for android? I have it on my laptop, but would love to have it on my Galaxy Tablet.

    Thanks, this is a great program.

  2. Searching a jingle player for android for a long time. Without success. Whrere can I get a copy of this app??
    Is sample playback instantly without any delay?
    Best Regards

    • Stephan, I forwarded your question, too, to the developer. I know of his intentions to put it on the market rather sooner than later, now that I beta-tested it. And yes, the jingles are played instantly, as you would expect.

    • We are going to upload the current version to the market this week. Currently tested on Android 2.2 with Nexus one and HTC Desire Z. In theory it should run on the Galaxy Tablet as well (since it is Android 2.2) but in practice we did see small issues even when porting from Nexus One to HTC Desire Z.

  3. Hello sorry, my english is verry bad.
    I have a Problem. I hav a Tablet with Android, but witout Fone-Funktion. So i dont can go on Android Market.
    Can You send me a Version direcly?
    Thanks vro, Munich


    • Hi Mike, we sent you the application in the mail. Please let us know how it is. Did it work on your tablet? What tablet do you use?
      Cheers,George and Sorin (the developer)

  4. I downloaded to my android and I can’t add jingles Also is there a newer version of jingle palette for windows 7 64 bit?

    • Hi Jeff, I forwarded your comment to the developer. Thank you for taking time to comment and for downloading it.

  5. Hi there, i also want to try it. I have tablet, and soon in 3 weeks i’m starting an internet radio station. This could be usefull.

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