Mere lawfulness is an inadequate test of integrity

I live in a relatively new building, 8 years the most.

Now have a look at the pictures below.

You would think that a new building has no problems with the piping, wouldn’t you?

Not for the first 20 years or so.

Hey, my mother’s condo is in a 42-year old apartment building and never had a pipe corroded, never had a flood because of that.

Well, not anymore!

Not the case with new buildings in Toronto, where the fever of building fast and selling faster is still on.


Those P-traps come from under a kitchen sink in my building. It was corroded and it cracked while the owners were away and the dishwasher was on:  the flood caused a $15k damage. 15 thousand!


The builder of this “upscale condo in midtown Toronto” – as it was marketed – used the cheapest material on the market.

I have no doubt they are covered legally.

And they are long gone, overselling the same kind of cheap & fast crap of a building.


The other day, the superintendent replaced the P-trap in our apartment. He said “poke it gently”, which I did. It cracked.

It was a ticking bomb!

We keep stuff under the kitchen sink. Just a gentle move for one of those boxes would’ve cracked the pipe. And then how about turning on your dishwasher and leave for the office?…

LESSON LEARNED: check the piping where your dishwasher is. The corrosion is much faster. As for trusting the builders in and around Toronto…

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