What’s a band without a stomper? Introducing THE STONE FOXES

I am using for the first time ever a new Android application, Jingle Box, to live-podcast.

By live-podcast I understand that I play everything in a stream: intro-text-music-outro. As opposed to recording every track separately and then mixing with a software such as Audacity.

Jingle Box for Android - developed by Sorin Michnea. *** Plays up to 9 jingles/songs in one jingle palette. Multiple palettes can be saved.


It’s developed by my friend Sorin Michnea and works very well on my HTC.

And what better way to test a podcasting app than playing some uplifting, foot stomping  sounds.



– a band from San Francisco, California

Download free mp3 (7 MB, running less than 3 minutes):

2010 11 30 TheStoneFoxes

Play now:

The cover of "Bears & Bulls" - the 2010 release from The Stone Foxes

This show is published on December 1st to honor the first-ever (GREAT) CANADIAN NATIONAL DAY OF PODCASTING


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    • Thanks for the visit Mark. I
      It was great hearing Just one more book, too. That podcast title describes the way us, listeners, want it to be: go on, don’t stop, just one more book please….-)

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