2010: my top 3 gifts

‘Tis the season to build lists.

People were generous to me in 2010, but 3 things I received stand at the top of the list:

1. a kickscooter

2. a collection of short stories in manuscript

3. a hand-made DJ collection of hundreds of covers for a song

Following is their story.

Back home from a bicycle+kickscooter round-the-block


The kickscooter

It’s been a while now (a few years maybe) since I am looking to buy a kickscooter for myself.

But the (Razor deluxe) model for adults is not for sale in Canada.

So my friend Raz – who lives the life of a hippie, no car, no credit card – decided to get me one for my birthday in October.

It’s an epic story, but in short he had to vacuum his chequing account and prepay a credit card >>  setup a pickup location in Buffalo >> order the kickscooter on amazon.com >>> rent a car >>> drive to Buffalo >>> drive to Toronto to bring the scooter (he lives in St Catharines).

Now that’s a lot of friendship incorporated in 2 wheels attached to a board that you kick.

Not only he bought my kickscooter, but one for my wife and one for himself: next summer, look for us doing the Lake Ontario tour on three pinkish 2-wheel, non-motorized vehicles!

Thank you, Raz.

2. The short stories

It’s been a while since my sister – highly regarded as a new literary star when she was 18 – wrote fiction.

In fact, about 25 years have passed since she wrote half of a hallucinatory, JL Borges-inspired novel. The project was never finished.

That’s why I was so happy to find out she’s back.

This past September, during my Transylvanian-hometown visit, she handed me over a few sketches and they are fantastic.

Thank you, Dalia.

3. The collection of covers

Which song would you pick for building a collection of covers?
It was an easy task for Florin Stan, one of my mentors and a fantastic music collector (currently located in my hometown Baia Mare, Transylvania, Romania):


It is the best-known piece from the Porgy and Bess opera, first performed in 1935.

Florin went on to build his own collection of ‘Summertime’ covers and he stopped when he had 1,500 of them.

And then handed me over a copy.

This endeavor could be a podcast in itself for the rest of my life. Thank you, Florin.

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