Inside the mind of a 4-year old

My 4-year old recently took his first trip with a real train, on our way to Montreal.

(Sure, he did this when he was 2, and 3, but kids don’t remember, so why not sell it as a first, again?)

I was eager to entertain my son, to do a bit of a father&son bonding.

OK, maybe a bit too eager.

He was fine with his portable DVD and playing with the other kids traveling in the comfortable VIA Rail train.

As we watched the window I pointed excitingly:

– Santi, this train runs SOOOOO fast!

– Yes, daddy. (3 seconds of silence and then, blase…) Faster than the stop signs.

A week later I lay in bed with a cold, and Santi explains:

– Daddy, remember in Montreal when I was playing in the snow with my friends?

– Yep.

– And you were in the backyard, too?

– Yep.

– And you put your glass of wine in the snow?

– Yep.

That’s how you got a cold.

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