RS 500 songs: 500 to 496

Listen or download below…

Running time: 24’25”

Download free mp3 (45 MB): RS500496

Listen now:

************** *************


The song presentations written by: Ninja Radio – thank you!

THE MAGAZINE: The Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time (wiki)

MUSIC: the songs kindly offered by Florin Stan and Zoltan Veso – music collectors of Baia Mare, Romania.

COUNTDOWN between songs: user Corsica_S on

NOTE on copyrights

Rolling Stone magazine and all songs presented today are subject to copyright laws.

This is a not for profit podcast with the sole intention to educate. Do not use it in a for-profit environment.


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  1. […] I normally run my own show.  It’s safer that way, and possibly more polite.  Then there is only one person to blame when the mission goes wrong.   But here I’ve gone ahead and done a collaborative thing with George Motoc.   You can find his blog at  Canadian Immigrant Song.  I researched and wrote the text for one of his podcasts.  You can find it at  The Rolling Stone 500. […]

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