ST. PATTY’S DAY – THU MARCH 17 @ LEE’S PALACE: Hungarian Celtic Grammy-winners FIRKIN

There are hundreds of Celtic bands in Hungary, in case you were surprised by the country where FIRKIN comes from.

Firkin set Toronto on fire this month

Back in 1998 when I set my tent at the Pepsi Sziget festival, on an island on Danube River in Budapest, I didn’t know that.

But while rambling through the huge park I stopped at a relatively small, obscure stage: Celtic. I only left the stage that night when headliners Rammstein hit the main stage. And I was back every night magnetically attracted by the dance-beer-music triumvirate. Much to my surprise, 9 out of 10 Celtic bands on that stage were Hungarian. The headliners were The Pogues that year.

I found out therefore that Celtic music is hugely popular in Hungary. Straight out of Budapest, Lee’s Palace appropriately present FIRKIN on March 17- they have 3 more shows in Toronto, one in Hamilton and one in Kitchener. Details below, see ya there!

(details provided by Luiza Alexa – thanks!)

9:30pm ST. PATRICK’S DAY – THURS MARCH 17 – LEE’S PALACE – Buy Tickets

Grammy Award winning, fist-pumping, head-banging, mug-swinging, firkin’ barn-burning

Hungarian Celtic Folk-Punk-Metal

YouTube – FIRKIN – Firkinful of Beer – Live

YouTube – FIRKIN – Drunken Sailor Song – Live

“When Firkin blasts into the strings, the spark of Celtic party cracks.

The audience leaves the ground again and again. 100 times, 1000 times. Sounds good? It will!! Fire!” (Unit Magazine)

A firkin is an old English unit of volume. In beer it’s nine imperial gallons, 72 pints or a quarter of a barrel.

FIRKIN, that hoard of howling Huns, was founded by madly hopping flautist, Janos Peter, in 2008.

They wanted to introduce the modern Irish pub music to the Hungarian public.

They toured (and covered) FLOGGING MOLLY, they won an European Grammy.

Their 2nd release is nominated for another Grammy. They want people to unwind, dance and drink.

Firkin’s Lord Of The Dance song is #1 on World Beat Canada – Celt in a Twist Top 10 chart!!!

“The band injects unadulterated, energetic Irish punk into the veins of the present day musical circulation.”

Adv tix $20 CLICK TO BUY ONLINE doors 8:30

The Band:

Barna – Lead Vocals

Pali – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Whistle

Lili – Violin

PJ – Flute, Whistle, Hungarian Kaval

Atti – Electric Guitar

Shuti – Bass

Ese – Drums, Vocals


Hungarian Celtic Grammy-winners FIRKIN

tix here

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