Complete Luminato 2011 Magic Programs (one of them is free)

Complete Luminato 2011 Magic Programs:


Natural Magick

Words, music and image combine to create a theatrical journey into the highest reaches of illusory art. Magician and author David Ben—one of the world’s foremost sleight-of-hand artists—collaborates with writer and Canadian broadcasting icon Patrick Watson to present a new exploration of magic as a theatrical art.  Produced in association with Magicana.  World premiere.

June 10-16


Tarragon Theatre, 30 Bridgman Avenue

Tickets $36.50- $41.50



Comedy, pantomime and magic combine in an evening of all-out entertainment.  Comedian-magician Mike Caveney, mime and magician Tina Lenert, physical illusionist Ardan James, magicians and parodists The Great Tomsoni and Company, and Gaetan Bloom, one of the greatest showmen in the business, recapture the magic of vaudeville in one of the few remaining venues from that long-ago yet fondly remembered era, the beautiful Winter Garden Theatre.  Produced in association with Magicana.  World premiere.

June 17-18


Winter Garden Theatre, 189 Yonge Street

Tickets $41.50- $51.50

Eric Mead: Toast of the Town

Showcasing the art of improv magic is dynamic bar magician Eric Mead, performing at Metro Square for late night pub patrons.

June 10-12

Starting at 5PM

Festival Pub & Grill, Metro Square



The fifth anniversary edition of Luminato takes place from June 10-19, 2011. Tickets for all Luminato 2011 programs will be available for sale on April 16.  For details, please visit


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