The amazing transformation of a photography once it is framed

My life-long friend Raz Van Constantine has recently made his photographs available for framing, in limited edition (20 prints for each foto, no more),  during a superb event at the Vineland Estates Winery in the Niagara region.

I am familiar with Raz’s pictures and prints since we were kids back in Communist Romania (1980s) and we were printing our own facebooks for school.

But I never framed a picture captured by Raz.

This was the first one, and when he brought the product in person to my house…I refused to unwrap it for a few hours: I wanted to enjoy the pleasure of seeing it through the wraps. It depicts Raz’s parents (his exhibition is called Romanian Portraits or so) in an extraordinary setting, in their villa’s backyard on top of Baia Mare, our hometown. The house was designed and built by Raz’s parents.

And then I unwrapped it…it looks superb!

The journey of a memorable moment into a picture on film (Raz is working on film only) and then into a large-size print is worth telling. I’m afraid I only scratched the surface with this one.

Raz's picture framed, and the attached certificate of authenticity that comes with the limited-series order

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