Toronto rock band MAINGATE featuring Romanian bassist Mihai Zaharia

Mihai Zaharia and I come from the same hometown: Baia Mare, Transylvania, Romania.

As my Canadian Immigrant Song unfolds, I am happy to report on hometown emigrants/immigrants that do what every human being is supposed to do: lead a happy life.

In a nutshell, Mihai is a MUSICIAN.

Back in Romania, and then in Toronto (since his arrival in 2002), Mihai menthored young musicians, wrote, played and sung music.

He is currently sharing the boards as a bassist with a Toronto band that is about to break, MAINGATE.

They have recently been invited to be part of the INDIE MUSIC SHOWCASE CONCERT SERIES on (there is a wealth of great shows on the site, BTW).

Below are 14 minutes of hot Canadian rock, filmed in HD and professionally recorded!


MAINGATE, Toronto rockband, recording for the INDIE MUSIC series at



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