What’s Norma got to do with John Irving?

Norma is a neighbor in my apartment building in midtown Toronto, while John Irving is… John Irving: one of the greatest contemporary American writers.

What is the connection between them?

A lovely little one, just read below.

John Irving's 12th novel, his second where the last phrase includes the book title.

I was in the elevator, on my way downstairs to return “Last Night in Twisted River” to the building’s library.

One of the reasons I love my condo: yes, my building has reserved a room at the first floor for a library. Residents donated and keep donating after they read the latest releases, and so I got John Irving’s latest novel right under my nose.

In the elevator, besides me, Norma and her wonderful dog Mr.Big:

– George, I read that one. Did you like it?

– Yes I did, it’s the first novel I read where some of the action takes place in my neighborhood!

– Well, John Irving married his agent from Toronto, which I never agreed to. I thought he should marry me!

– What else did you read by Irving, Norma?
– All of them.

Half an hour later we were still talking John Irving, in front of the library.

The dog was about to explode and I was late to pickup my kid from school, but we agreed that the best one is “Hotel New Hampshire” and the next one I’ll read will be “A prayer for Owen Meany”.

How can one not enjoy life with such neighbors?

John Irving should be proud!

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